My Gift From Idaho
In these mountains like arms reaching up to the sky
In these valleys as vast as the clouds that float by

I see all God's creatures that were put here for me
To ponder their purpose, their lives for to see

Large birds spread their wings and soar on a breeze
Seeming to coast like a whisper through trees

The eagle, the osprey, hawk, raven and crow
Sway to the song of the breeze down below

I see no purpose, no rhyme or no reason
Yet they continue to fill me with awe every season

As I wonder at this miraculous sight
I see a shadow dive-bombing their tails in flight

They seem not to take notice and continue their rounds
Not rippling their wings nor making sounds

And I watch and I wonder how they keep up their pace
Not in a hurry, not seeming to race

The wonders of the universe are great works of art
Their secrets give luster to all we impart

Then daring to venture, these lessons of life
Entwining all of our joys with our strife

Adding depth to our souls, the most beautiful part
Placed in our paths and held dear to our heart

©2000 Susan L. Anderson
Photo by Susan L. Anderson
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