My Emotions
Susan L. Anderson
I thought this painting/drawing suited this poem well...

Off in the distance I hear a call
It rings within my soul and reigns within my heart
I can't quite make it out yet but know it's calling to me

It's been calling for an eternity
Through years of sacrifice and humility
It's been there waiting, echoing off in the distance

It seems to be carried on a gentle breeze to me
Never howling, never crying, just softly calling my name
It's been a long hard road I've traveled but this call has kept me focused

It seems to be coming closer of late, ringing within me like the black of night
Hauntingly beautiful, it continues calling to me
It knows of whence I came and seems to beckon me on
To follow it's beautiful song...come...come...come to me it sings

I'm fluttering and floating, taking heed as I proceed in quiet solemnity
It's beauty is comforting to this wearied body and mind
I feel the calmness, the quiet soothing me, comforting me as I move ahead
Never rushing for that is not my way and it instinctively knows that

Yet it continues to beckon me with its soothing, resounding notes
I feel it drawing me closer still as my days unfold into one another
Overlapping, ever moving in silent meditation calling...calling evermore

Perhaps it comes on the wing of a dream, on the plight of a guardian angel
It's eerie calmness beckoning still...carrying me on through days and nights of living and thinking
Of dreaming and caring, loving and sharing...whatever I do it leads me on to a life rich with the colors of the  wind...
With the music of the sweet breeze...ever haunting...ever beautiful...ever serene

My days are growing richer, my thoughts are growing clearer, my feelings are growing stronger
My life is growing ever stronger following  the ever gentle call of the wind to me
This must be the end of a new beginning......or the beginning of a new end

A riddle that has no end until the time is right, then it will blossom like a beautiful flower
Filled with pigment and fragrance and life, growing ever stronger, ever more beautiful
Until it wilts and fades away, silently upon the breeze
Ever so gently being carried away through all eternity

©2000 Susan L. Anderson
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